WKYT visits CentrePointe architects, and other takes

Missed this, from WKYT:

Also, see Tom Eblen’s Sunday column on the subject:

I will admit to suffering a bit of CentrePointe fatigue when I went to see a preview of the fifth iteration of Dudley Webb’s still-unfunded downtown hotel, retail, office and condo development. But it was worth the trip.

I liked the designs that were shown informally Wednesday to the Courthouse Area Design Review Board, which must approve them.

Most of all, I realized how valuable this long and difficult process has been. Not only has it improved CentrePointe’s design — assuming the project is ever built — but it has taught Lexington some valuable lessons about the value of good design and public engagement.

And if you’re not done, there’s always The Streetsweeper:

From the wanna-be Frank Lloyd Wright’s to the “anything built in the ’80s is bad” crowd, they all showed up and it was off to the races.

Some folks think that Dudley is just trying to ruin the city’s reputation, others that the Webbs are truly criminal for stealing the wonderful vibrancy of the block’s former self. Four years (and one deep recession) into the project, some believe that if they bring enough criticism that they can delay the outcome until they can influence a change of design. Others still long for the memories of a once popular music venue and little else on a downtown block which was mainly vibrant after dark and basically stagnant during the day.

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