Candidate Disqualified in 7th District LFUCG Race

From the Herald:

Jason Scott Rainey was disqualified last week after a legal audit of his petition. He hasn’t ruled out a write-in campaign but sounded doubtful Wednesday night.

Rainey, 30, a real estate appraiser in his first run for public office, said he had submitted a petition to the Fayette County clerk’s office with 103 signatures from voters in his district.

“Basically, the day after the filing deadline, my opponent contacted me and let me know she had an issue with the signatures I had collected,” Rainey said. “She said if I didn’t withdraw, she was going to take me to circuit court. …”

“It’s unfortunate the way this happened.”

Scutchfield, 39, a development officer for the Girl Scouts, said she was just going by the rules.

That leaves Ms. Scutchfield as the only candidate for K.C. Crosbie’s old seat… unless there’s a write-in campaign.

It’s perfectly within the rules to try to expel your opponents if they failed to meet the requirements to run. You have to get 100 signatures. Still, Scutchfield asked the County Clerk to check Rainey’s numbers and of Rainey’s 103 signatures, four were no good… meaning he was just one short. Kudos to Scutchfield for demonstrating a political taste for blood on that one, and let that be a warning to ye all.

It’s no particular surprise that a candidate for City Council didn’t get all the necessary signatures. Chances are pretty good that if another campaign or a voter challenged the other registered candidates, at the least one of them would be found short of the needed signatures and thus disqualified.

Seriously, can you see Ed Lane going door to door to get 100 signatures in his district?

Of course, we jest. Ed Lane likely has no problem procuring signatures. But those other folks…

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