UK v. Arkansas, a ‘Sierra Club Clean Energy Match-Up’

In response to the “Friends of Coal” campaign sponsoring football games, Midnight Madness and some basketball games, The Sierra Club is getting in on the fun:

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For its money, the Sierra Club will be featured on the cover of the UK-Arkansas game program and will get an advertisement during the radio broadcast. The package also includes mentions on the radio and at the game and the right to give students materials and put on the halftime show, Teplitzky said.

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The message at the game will be positive, not anti-coal, Sierra Club staffers said, such as “let’s score one for clean air,” and that just as its basketball team is a leader, UK can be a leader in clean energy.

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“This is just a fun, creative way to say we support a healthy future,” said Lauren McGrath, a Sierra Club representative in Kentucky.

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The Sierra Club and other groups argue that coal is a dirty form of energy that causes serious environmental and health problems when it is mined and burned.

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The industry, however, says it provides thousands of jobs and helps keep Kentucky’s electricity prices low.

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Thousands of jobs… right. Here’s a picture dudes who befriend carbon sediment instead of actual people might understand:

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Getting back to the Sierra Club and their “Clean Energy Match-Up,” it was actually the brainchild of a UK senior, Patrick Johnson:

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Johnson said he grew up a diehard UK basketball fan and did not think it was proper to have UK sports “infiltrated” by a pro-coal message, which he likened to letting the tobacco industry sponsor a game.

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The coal industry makes it seem as though there is no downside to coal and no alternative, he said.

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Johnson said he respects that coal has been important economically to many people, but thinks it’s important to show a counterpoint to the industry’s view.

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“I want the citizens of the state of Kentucky to be educated on what options there are,” said Johnson, who is majoring in natural resources and environmental science.

Awesome job by Johnson.

The Clean Energy Match-Up should be fun but expect the ‘Friends of Poison Water’ to strike back. So now’s a good time to support the Sierra Club.

Go Cats!

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