Rand Paul, Vice President of his own mind

Rand Paul in Louisville this morning insisted he’s not thinking about accepting the Vice President position for any Presidential candidate.

While noting that no one has asked him to consider such a position, Rand Paul was adamant that he is not contemplating the offer no one has made.

“I haven’t really considered it yet,” Rand Paul said. “I’m focused on trying to help my dad.”

Rand Paul went on to explain his deluded understanding of the Republican Primary as it now stands after Ron Paul’s 3rd Place in Iowa, distant 2nd Place in New Hampshire and countless polls showing Ron running way behind in 4th in South Carolina:

The senator said that his father and Romney are the top two remaining candidates for the GOP nomination, and that either could defeat President Barack Obama in the fall.

“We think it’s essentially a two-man race,” Paul said.

I’ll have some of what he’s having.

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  1. January 15, 2012 at 11:16 am

    This is a topic of discussion in Republican Circles. The Republicans needs the voting block that Ron Paul has sway over. That voting block is growing and is less likely to pull the lever for the lesser of two evils. Ideologues have a tendency of doing that.

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