Appalachian voters oppose mountaintop removal

Sadly, they’re represented by Congressmen and Governors who are owned by King Coal.

A new poll of likely voters out today finds folks pretty much united in their sentiments:

Voters across Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Virginia solidly oppose mountaintop removal coal mining, by wide margins and across a host of demographic and political divides. Three-quarters support fully enforcing—and even increasing protections in—the Clean Water Act to safeguard streams, rivers, and lakes in their states from mountaintop removal coal mining. Fully 76% of voters across these four states support this proposal, including a 62% majority who feel that way strongly. Just 8% of voters oppose it. Support for this proposal is far-reaching, encompassing solid majorities of Democrats (86%), independents (76%), Republicans (71%), and Tea Party supporters (67%).

Those damn EPA agents have brainwashed everyone! Perhaps they poisoned the water.

And that’s not all:

This information is not surprising. Previous polls have shown similar outcomes, including a poll conducted in West Virginia in 2004 and a national poll conducted in 2008. In fact, a national poll just conducted by CNN International found the same percentage opposed as the regional polls. That shows that even those who live in states where coal is a big part of the economy don’t like mountaintop removal mining.

There’s a war on folks. Which side are you on?


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  1. Rikka Wallin
    August 16, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    There won’t be any nature left if you and BIG COAL have your way!

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