The World of Bill Johnson

In the World of Some Dude Named Bill Johnson:

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#1: It is perfectly acceptable to have official campaign bumper stickers like this:

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#2: Inviting Alan Keyes to speak at your campaign rally and go on a Birther tirade is a great idea.

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#3: An organization (that doesn’t exist) is plotting to use an army of homeless people to steal the election for Barack Obama next year, with the help of comrades George Soros and Elaine Walker.

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And, as this picture that was just sent to me shows…

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#4: Dan “anti-choice, anti-civil union, pro-mountaintop ‘development’, anti-Affordable Care Act, rural surgeon, 4-wheelin’, zipline hero” Mongiardo is a “liberal elitist”:

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But who knows, maybe I’m the odd one…

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