Mitch McConnell’s Magical Red Pants, and other July 4th sights

Mitch McConnell did some July 4th activities in Campbellsville, Kentucky yesterday. And he did them in these bright red pants:

We had plenty of fun people visit Lexington for the parade, including Steve Beshear and Richie Farmer (Beshear walked, Richie sat in the car).

Here was the very, very honest campaign sign on John Kemper’s vehicle:

And Some Dude Named Bill Johnson getting his Gadsden on:

And the cigarette van lady, with the (I believe) new edition of the giant silver eagle on the roof:

And from the racists at the teabagging “Yup, I’m a racist” booth, here are two new spectacular editions:

Lexington had a good parade this year, but we were seriously missing out on Mitch’s red pants.

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