GOP 2012 Circus Roundup

In case you lost track over the holiday weekend, here’s a roundup of what’s been happening in The Greatest Show on Earth:

  • Mitt Romney is a human pinwheel, which is fascinating to watch. Over the span of one week, he’s managed to say Obama made the recession worse, then denied ever saying it, then managed to say that again. It’s not huge in itself, but when your base is wary of this and you have a new one every week, it adds up.
  • Another New Hampshire poll shows Mitt leading easily. Unfortunately for him, it’s the second straight NH poll to show Michele Bachmann sprinting up to 2nd place.
  • And look at this. Joining Oregon and Montana as states where Bachmann is leading the GOP field in a poll is New Mexico. The West is looking like Bachmann country, and it’s only July.
  • Ron Paul must have done something to really piss off David Duke, because he’s thinking about withholding his support of Father Liberty and running for president on the GOP ticket himself.
  • Even if Ron Paul doesn’t have David Duke in his corner, he does have another SPLC certified extremist campaigning for him in Iowa soon. In late June, Rand Paul will take part in Liberty Bus Tour through the Hawkeye State.
  • Unfortunately for Ron Paul, Iowa grows corn, not poppies. He’s going to lose hard, but he might be able to compete with Pawlenty.
  • HermanCainia is so full of Liberty and Awesomeness that he’s already got some kind of gay witch hunt happening with his staff and volunteers. Catch the Fever, not The Gay!

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