SUSA poll: Moffett moving, but Williams still up big

–WRITTEN BY MEDIA CZECH, rescued from the great Blogger rapture of May 12th, 2011.

With 5 days to primary day, CJ/SUSA finds that while Phil Moffett has gained a little ground in the GOP gubernatorial race, he hasn’t gained nearly enough to put The Fear into David Williams:

5/11 (4/16)
Williams/Farmer- 47 (49)
Moffett/Harmon- 21 (14)
Holsclaw/Vermillion- 12 (12)

All of that money spent on advertising, all of those mentions of playing basketball, and Williams goes down two points? That’s not good.

If Moffett had another month and enough money to compete in the ad war, he’d have a legitimate shot of pulling off a shocker in the primary. But he doesn’t. This certainly appears to be too little, too late.

Gerth’s article was highlighted by talking to some of the people who were polled. After Scott Jennings whines about the Meanie McMeanerson Librul Media, a Holsclaw voter said that Williams…

“…sounds like a whiner, and whiners don’t take care of business. He’s been in the Senate now for how many years and they’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.”

A Moffett voter said:

“I cannot stand Williams, and I cannot stand Richie Farmer,” she said, calling Williams “part of the problem” and Farmer a “joke.”

Yeah, yeah, but what did the Williams voter say:

“(I’m) not totally committed. … I guess I’m going for the lesser of the evils.”

And there’s your introduction to the dissatisfied apathetic Republican primary voter that will deliver the death blow to the fad of the Kentucky Tea Party. Such a sad, pathetic ending for the People of Tea to lose such a winnable race against a candidate as terrible and unlikable David Williams. I actually expected better of you.

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