Fetus Fetish Crew spread their ignorance at UK (Part II)

The “Genocide Awareness Project” decided grace the campus of the University of Kentucky with their wretched filth this week. I decided to stop by and check it out.

Here are the very tasteful messages they shared on giant signs in the middle of campus by the Whitehall Classroom Building:

None of the people standing by these signs or passing out their propaganda was allowed to speak with me, but the White Male Liberty Patriot running the show, Fletcher Armstrong, gave me five minutes of his time. As you can see below, Armstrong tells me that doctors performing abortion should be charged with murder, but women are far too stupid to realize what abortion is, and should merely be shamed as ignorant accomplices to genocide.

Of course, this is the “kind” PR face of their movement. They want every last woman who has an abortion to rot in jail, but most of these cowards won’t admit that in public.

And below is a hapless Young White Male Liberty Patriot who might endorse just that, but he’s a little confused. He compares himself to Martin Luther King, saying that if he were alive he might very well be holding a sign comparing abortion with the Holocaust and lynchings of blacks in the South, too. When asked what the punishment for women who have an abortion should be, he first says manslaughter, then maybe a fine, then maybe murder, then maybe the death penalty. He’s holding a sign comparing abortion to the Holocaust, but he’s never really thought about what would happen if he got his way and abortion was made illegal, you see. Great Mind, below:

Fortunately, the great folks at the UK chapter of Voices for Planned Parenthood were on campus all day yesterday and today, countering GAP’s hateful ignorance and obscenity. Kathy Stein (with a “K”, I assure you) visited VOX at the free speech area today and gave the kind of speech that we love her for:

Kathy told me afterward that she loved the fact that she gave this speech directly in front of an idiot holding a sign warning that “Immodest Women” were going to burn in hell. She forgot to wear her ankle length denim skirt, darn.

Liberal in Kentucky took the following pictures of the “Free Speech Board” and the best sign that I saw today:

So there it is. Another hateful and ignorant display by the folks that can’t suppress their hatred and disrespect for women. I mean, the white men who are just like Martin Luther King…

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