David Williams wants to get all up in your uterus with his camera

As I mentioned on Monday, not only does KY Senate President David Williams work with the likes of Frank Simon to protect Kentucky from The Gays and the Brown People, he works with Simon to take away the rights and liberties of women.

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Jake found this lovely video that Williams/Farmer just posted on their campaign site, where Williams says he will fight baby genocide in Kentucky with his woman-hating Fetal Seance Bill:

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Unfortunately, there are very few reasons to vote for Steve Beshear this year. But one of them is the fact that if Kentucky loses enough House seats by 2015 (which is quite possible, considering the skilled strategery of the KDP), there is a good chance that Kentucky will pass some of the draconian legislation that has passed recently in Oklahoma and several other states. We’ve had enough Democrats to defeat this legislation in the past few years, but it’s narrow margin of defeat is tenuous and fragile.

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As several Wyoming Republicans noted in defeating similar legislation, there aren’t many laws as heinously intrusive as this legislation, which literally puts Big Brother into your doctor’s office to get between you and your doctor, telling you what you can and cannot do and insulting the intelligence of women.

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It will be up to each Democrat in Kentucky to decide whether this is reason enough to vote for coal shill Steve Beshear, but it’s at least something to consider. There are good arguments on both sides, and I could hardly fault either one, personally. But voting for David Williams, instead? That’s just ridiculous.

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