Congressman Chandler’s Entire Congressional Floor Speech Record, 2009-10, in about 6 minutes

Earlier today, we noted The Hill’s report that Ben Chandler was the quietest Democrat in Congress over the past two sessions, rising to give just three floor speeches.

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Thanks to CSPAN, we present to you Congressman Chandler’s entire Congressional floor record for your viewing (and reviewing) pleasure.

March 4, 2010: At just over one minute, this is the Congressman’s shortest — and most recent — floor speech. It concerns a bill to help small businesses and help unemployed Kentuckians find good local jobs. A good argument from our Congressman, who gets on a role and even goes so far as to ask for an extra 15 seconds.

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May 13, 2009: Congressman Chandler gives a solid argument in favor of a good piece of legislation, funding the improvement of the Commonwealth’s school infrastructure, including making schools more environmentally friendly.
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January 13, 2009: Far and away, the Congressman’s longest floor speech at just over three minutes, here he tackles one of the most important issues of our day, and surely one of the utmost importance to his constituents and dedicated campaign staff and volunteers here in the 6th District: The Great Legacy of Senator Mitch McConnell!

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