Please Comment Anonymously! Rick Nelson’s gonna bankrupt Google

Kentucky’s state representative Rick “G.” Nelson — from Bell and Harlan Counties — is tired of you anonymous internet trolls being all mean to him and everyone else with your anonymous comments.

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As PageOne reports, Nelson has introduced the following piece of legislative brilliance:

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BR 344 – Representative Rick G. Nelson (12/14/10)

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AN ACT relating to information technology.

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Create new sections of KRS Chapter 369 to establish definitions relating to Internet Web sites, blogs, and message boards; require registration by parties who post entries to these interactive services; require providers of these services to conspicuously identify the parties who post entries; require providers of these services to disclose, upon request, the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of parties posting entries; establish penalties of $500 for first offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense.

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Normally we’d be all up in arms about this sort of insane idea — but we’ve done some forward thinking and it occurs to us that while Jake will be paying PageOne fines and while McClatchey will be paying the Herald-Leader fines… we’re not gonna have to pay a durn thang and will become home to all of our state’s insightful and anonymous commenters.

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The way we see it, your anonymous, illegal, fineable comments are all backed by the provider of this service… which is Google.

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So let’s help Rick Nelson bankrupt Google and build much needed revenue for the state of Kentucky. Maybe we can raise enough in anonymous fines to offset the cost of that dinosaur pArk.

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