Can anyone believe anything that Mitch McConnell says ever again?

If there’s one thing that I’ve consistently said about Mitch McConnell since I started the McConnell beat in 2007, it is that Mitch McConnell has no ideology. When it comes to government policy, the man believes in nothing. The only thing he cares about is his own political power, and he will pick and choose whatever ideology and position that furthers that power.

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Last week, we learned that Mitch McConnell was in September of 2006 privately telling President Bush to start withdrawing from Iraq to help Republicans in the elections that fall, while simultaneously in public calling Democrats al-Qaeda appeasers and cut and runners for advocating the same foreign policy position.

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While this shocking act of hypocrisy and basic scumery was not the least bit shocking to us, it has to be to the rest of the country. And perhaps more importantly, the rest of his colleagues and the rest of Republican voters in Kentucky. His fellow Republicans in the Senate, and his Republican constitutents back home have to ask themselves:

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When Mitch McConnell is talking to me, how do I know he’s not lying?

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First of all, the “because his lips are moving” joke is moot, as Mitch doesn’t possess these. But as Republican leadership in the Senate and House move forward, don’t they have to wonder this? As we move closer to the 2014 primary election here in Kentucky for Mitch McConnell’s seat, don’t voters have to ask themselves this question?

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I can give them the answer, but they’ll likely have to figure it out for themselves. Perhaps a few of them already have.

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Here’s Rachel Maddow once again laying out Mitch McConnell’s dirty laundry for all to see, with the help of a reporter from A Kentucky Newspaper:

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