Don Pratt Endorses Himself in the Herald-Leader

When the Herald-Leader endorses one candidate over others, the un-endorsed candidates are given space to respond. In the LFUCG Council-at-Large race, they endorsed Steve Kay and Linda Gorton and now Don Pratt has struck back!

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On what he stands for:

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For more business as usual, vote for any of four candidates: they are interchangeable. If you want change, vote for me and Linda Gorton.

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While Lexington is broke, other candidates talk about pet projects, ways to spend more money that Lexington doesn’t have. I advocate ideas that might actually bring in tax revenue, such as legalization of medical marijuana and allowing farmers to grow hemp. Others are silent.

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On what he represents:

The Herald-Leader endorses people who play its game, who, for show, join neighborhood associations, attend committee meetings, and bow down to the institutional liberalism that has dominated local government for three decades. I will make changes, unlike those who sat idly by while Kentucky American unfairly raised our water rates.

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I don’t conform. I live frugally. I fill my living room with luggage for foster and adoptive kids.

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The Herald-Leader will never endorse this non-conformity, which amounts to political independence, an attribute lacking in the other candidates.

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Can Don Pratt squeeze out a victory on Tuesday? It’ll be fun to watch… and in the meantime, keep in mind that you will be voting for THREE CANDIDATES in the race, so… choose wisely.

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