Rand Paul keeping White Power money, but it’s OK because he has black friends

Rand Paul told A Kentucky Newspaper on Friday that he will keep the $1,400 that he received from some of the most vile white supremacists that you will ever find.

But you see, it’s OK for the candidate who passionately defends the right of people to discriminate based on race and doesn’t think his first racist spokesperson is racist to spend white supremacist money to get elected. Why?

Because he has black friends!

“Dr. Paul condemns hatred and discrimination, and if the white separatists who donated to his campaign think he shares their views they are badly mistaken and would be in for a rude awakening when they see that 20% of his campaign staff is made up of African-Americans.”

White Male Liberty Patriot Bingo!

Summing up: Dr. Paul hates discrimination, unless it’s against gays serving in the military or the right of privacy for a pregnant woman who’s been raped by her uncle to see her doctor without the government stepping in. But he doesn’t hate discrimination based on race enough to think that private businesses should be legally forced not to discriminate, or enough to not spend white supremacist money in order to get elected.

And to suggest anything else is just vile collectivist slander from the ACORN and NAACP crowd.

Do you really want this guy to be your senator until the year 2017, Kentucky?

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