Does Rand Paul support the Violence Against Women Act?

One of the weirdest specimens of White Male Liberty Patriot that you’ll find on the internet tubes are “Men’s Rights” activists. Their big beef is with the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, which passed nearly unanimously that year and when it was reauthorized in 2000 and 2005.

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Here’s what a typical Libertarian has to say about it:

VAWA, the “Violence Against Women’s Act”, is one of the most disturbing laws ever passed and is an abomination of every concept in the United States Constitution.

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Since the passage of VAWA, countless men have been falsely arrested or have had unwarranted restraining orders placed against them. VAWA has led to a rash of innumerable false accusations of rape such as the Duke and Hofstra University false rape arrests. In these cases, men were arrested, without any evidence, and had their lives destroyed. The women who later recanted their stories or had them disproved conclusively with video tape, became celebrated in the Femi-Nazi movement. No charges were filed against the women who attempted to send innocent men to jail for the rest of their lives. Rape convictions are routinely granted on no more than questionable testimony of a single “victim”. Race is often a factor. The Duke accuser was black accusing white men, and the Hofstra woman was mixed race accusing black men. Rather than being put in jail, these women were rewarded by being giving special counseling and status.

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Air-quoting “victim”, oh yeah.

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And what happens when one of these White Male Liberty Patriots talks to Ron Paul on camera about VAWA? Magic, that’s what:

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And how did Father Liberty vote on those bills, btw?

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He wasn’t in Congress in 1994, but he was there in 2000 and 2005. In 2000, he was one of 19 representatives to not vote for the VAWA, and in 2005, he was one of only FOUR represenatives to vote against it.

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The VAWA comes up for reauthorization next year in Congress.

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So, with Rand Paul’s long history of wacky and completely out of touch libertarian views (CRA, FHA, ADA, etc…), plus Father Liberty’s voting record, this begs the question:

Does Rand Paul support the Violence Against Women Act?

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