Geveden and Hodson react to the embarrassing SUSA poll

Oh, I know you’ve been waiting for Kim Geveden’s spin of today’s disaster that showed Dan Mongiardo slipping from an 18-point lead to a statistical tie. Well, wait no more!

“Despite Jack Conway having the airwaves to himself for the past month and spending almost $500,000 on TV ads, this poll confirms that Daniel Mongiardo still leads Jack Conway.”

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That’s right, folks! This just confirms the good news! Nevermind that Jack still has tons of money and you don’t, and Lt. Dan is plagued by his spending scandals that aren’t going away. Nothing to see here.

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Meanwhile, Trey Grayson’s camp has to explain the FRAUD of an internal poll they released last week, which was only SEVENTEEN points off. This should be fun:

“If automated polls determined the outcome of campaigns then Bruce Lunsford or Steve Henry would be governor, not Steve Beshear, according to this poll at the same point in the ‘07 primary,” said Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson in a statement. “The automated interviewing technology they use is problematic and inaccurate compared to traditional polls conducted by live professional interviewers. Our own polling shows the race a dead heat. We are out-raising them and out-working them.”

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That’s right, the polling firm that has the most respect in America is a fraud. Just trust our internal poll.

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Ohhhh, what fun!

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