Rand Paul throws a play soldier dress up party for obese white men

Rand Paul was nice enough to throw a party for his supporters on Saturday at the Capitol building in Frankfort. And not just any supporters. My favorite kind: obese white men playing soldier dress up.

A collection of my favorite boys who’ve gotta lotta Liberty in the trunk:

Here we have what I can only assume is Grizzly Robin Hood, the most awesome being I’ve ever laid eyes on. (also, his buddy appears to be rocking one of those sweet ass sleeping caps)

Oh, look! Rand Paul is talking policy with Grizzly Robin Hood!

Little known fact: Santa spends his Springs training with militias across the South.

This is what the love child of Daniel Boone and Deion Sanders would look like. Sweet doo-rag. Protect this House!

This guy alternates weekends between militia buffets and medieval role play.

Oh, and lets not forget what these folks will do if we don’t elect Rand Paul:

Actually, that’s not true. As Walter Sobchack said: “No Donny, these men are cowards.”

They might eat us, however…

I leave you with Rand addressing his Obese White Male Liberty Patriots and their… you know.

UPDATE: Oh, and those WMLP’s were advocating the violent overthrow of the federal government and the execution of liberal journalists. Fun:

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