Thursday Night Ketchup post

- WTF is this?

- Dudley Webb declines to comment in a downtown development puff piece:

As for CentrePointe, the Webb Companies declined to comment for this story; in a recent public statement, Dudley Webb said he was “still not sure when the project will begin.”

- The Abby Johnson abortion hoax turns out to be a really pathetic hoax.

- The Worst Man in Washington, Joe LIEberman, has approval/disapprovals of 25/69 in Connecticut. I echo the Great Orange Satan when he says: “My biggest fear is that Joe Lieberman retires on his own accord. I want the residents of Connecticut to forcefully retire him.”

- Want to hear a sentence that illustrates how messed up this state is?

Research conducted by the Institute of Taxation and Economic policy show that, in 2007, a non-elderly family earning roughly $23,000 a year pays 10.8 percent of their income in taxes, whereas those earning $346,000 (or more) are subject to a 6.1 percent rate.

- The anti-choice freaks in Louisville are perhaps the scum of the earth. But Lt. Dan at least has their vote.

- Am I the only one afraid to look at the just convened legislative session in Frankfort? The Horror… the Horror.

- Trey Grayson’s unintentional comedy webcast is coming January 14th.

- Jake Payne’s Meany McMeanerson liveblog of Gov. Beshear’s very odd State of the Commonwealth address is mean and stuff.

- I somehow missed the greatest quote ever back in December from State Rep Mary Lou Marzian when asked if she still had confidence in the word of Governor Beshear:

“What governor? What word?”

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